What the shape of the buttocks reveals your health

Numerous studies have revealed that the places where the largest amount of fat (including on the face) can tell you the state of your heart and blood vessels. Women who are overweight in the “middle zone” have a greater risk for things like high blood pressure or stroke. This means that your loot can indicate many things about your health

Your buttocks have a square shape

This type of buttock has fat storage around the love handles. This may mean that you are not doing enough exercise or choosing the wrong training program that will not help you burn fat in difficult places quickly. Also, it may be caused by a hormone called cortisol that can lead to sleep problems.


Post your own calories, but a strict diet is not needed.
It is better to pay attention to your shoulders and thighs. This will help you to have a desirable body for women. Plates are a good exercise for you.

You have a heart shaped buttock

This figure is characterized by the largest part at the bottom, wide hips and a slim waist. These people with the shape of the buttocks lose fat easily, but when they gain weight, the fat moves to the middle parts.

If your thighs become too big due to fat, this may indicate that you are eating an improper diet, that your exercise levels are low, and that you are under severe stress. For both men and women, it can indicate that there is excessive alcohol consumption. If you have excess weight in the hips, this may increase your risk of osteoporosis and cellulite.


Modify your diet. Eat more protein, vegetables and fruits.
May focus more on training your lower body. Running and walking can be very beneficial for you.

Your shape is an inverted triangle

 Fat from our butt begins to move to other parts of the body as we age. This can happen due to low estrogen levels. It can lead to heart problems, depression, weak bones, risks of urinary infections and weight gain.


Maintain a healthy diet.
Protect your heart from fat. Do exercises regularly.
Consult your (your doctor) specialist about which type of training is best for you.

Buttocks are round in shape

This is what a healthy person looks like. Everything is proportional. If you develop a wrong lifestyle, the fat may get stuck in glutes, so it is best to control your health in order not to lose your ideal shape.


Consume calories according to your body weight and don’t forget to keep exercising regularly.