The 7 REAL Reasons Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight

If you are trying to find a more functionally diverse substance than apple vinegar (or ACV), good luck! This liquid miracle can protect against diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. It can eliminate skin infections. And it can even be used for household cleaning.

If that’s not enough, apple vinegar is also great for helping you cut down faster. While it’s not a stand-alone diet – cutting calories and exercising are also essential – stroke can prolong the efforts you already make and help you see progress faster.

The ethanoic acid in apple vinegar has been linked to the current incredible weight loss effect. Want to understand how it works?

Here are the 7 real reasons why you will calculate apple vinegar to help you reduce and improve your overall health.

It burns fat and reduces stored fat

For one, ethanoic acid helps you burn fat. But even better, it actually reduces the body’s tendency to store less fat. In studies in rats and mice, ethanoic acid has been shown to activate genes that reduce the storage of belly and liver fat. Other studies in humans have confirmed this result.

A human study in Japan found that participants who ingested a tablespoon or two of apple vinegar per day all lost weight, as did a reduction in body fat, waist circumference and triglycerides.

Participants who got two tablespoons fared better than those who took only one tablespoon, while those on placebo were found to have gained a few pounds on average.

It suppresses appetite

We all know that cravings are diet killers. Your brain is often quite convincing when it comes to eating foods high in fat and sugar. But taking apple vinegar with meals can actually suppress the centers of your brain that control appetite. Imagine a diet without the mind’s constant struggle over matter!

It can also help slow the speed at which food leaves your stomach. which means you will feel full longer and be more ready to resist the urge to eat between meals. Studies have shown that people who take apple cider vinegar with their meals eat about 200 to 275 calories less throughout the day than others.

It improves metabolism

Metabolism is one of the most often misunderstood body functions. It actually describes the collection of functions that the body must perform to support life. Digestion, by which food is converted into fuel, is just one of these functions. However, the higher your metabolism, the more calories your body burns and therefore the easier it is often to reduce it.

Again, it’s the ethanoic acid in apple vinegar that researchers say is responsible for higher metabolic rates. Most LCA and metabolism studies are in rats, but the results are interesting.

Rats that took ethanoic acid in these studies had better production of the AMPK enzyme. Humans also produce AMPK to burn fat, which limits the development of fat and sugar in their liver.