Her Belly Keeps Growing, Doctor Sees Scan And Calls Cops

The heroine of our story is Katie Smith. She was once a regular woman in her 20s, but her situation was far from normal. At one point, something weird started to grow inside of this young woman. Strangely, it took the doctors a while to give her the right answer.

The Beginning

Her stomach started expanding so quickly that it was reasonable to assume there was a baby on the way. However, Katie was not pregnant. She took pregnancy tests, but the result was always negative. Sadly, the doctors just kept dismissing her worries.

Her Story

Katie Smith is a 28-year-old woman living in Swansea, Wales. In 2014, she noticed her weight going up. After some time, she looked like she was fully pregnant! During an interview with the BBC, she admitted that she was not the skinniest person out there, but her belly was growing very big.