Drink This Before Going to Bed to Help Burn Belly Fat

Sometimes it seems like reducing stubborn belly fat can be a full time job. And who has the time? In our busy lives filled with multiple tasks and puzzles, just dedicating yourself to exercise is often a real challenge. Not to mention the challenges of finding the right nutrition, finding and learning new recipes, and cooking most meals from scratch.

Of course, all of this work is time well spent, since excess abdominal fat has been linked to such frightening illnesses as cancer, heart disease and dementia. In other words, if you don’t take the time to manage your health, it could give you up once you least expect it.

We are not there to make you ashamed, but to make your life easier. we have a recipe to share that will help you burn belly fat while you sleep! Your overall diet and activity level are also important when trying to achieve a slender waist and a strong heart, but multitasking with another vital piece of the wellness puzzle – sleep – can really offer you a lift.

Stay with us at the top to know the recipe. We will first detail the reasons why each individual element is so effective, and you will use the knowledge to customize the recipe according to your own goals. Wait until you see ingredient # 6 – we bet you will be surprised how it helps!

  1. Water

More water is the root of virtually all health problems, including weight loss. On the one hand, drinking more water makes you feel full with less food. But even better, it has been found that drinking water increases the amount of calories burned for an entire hour after drinking it.

Cold water mainly seems to stimulate a 25% increase in body expenditure at rest, or calories burned without doing anything. In fact, increasing your daily water intake by more than one liter could earn you 4.4 pounds of extra weight lost over a year.


According to recent research, a diet rich in foods containing tons of water, but only a few calories, is often an effective strategy to start weight loss quickly. Cucumbers do the job perfectly. One cup contains only 16 calories but lots of water and fiber.

Cucumber can also boost metabolism and contains an honest amount of vitamin C, which helps burn fat at the cellular level. Finally, cucumber can be a natural diuretic, so you won’t cling to the excess weight of all the liquid you get.


Lemon water can be a pretty big trend in weight loss, but studies show that it only really works when it’s not in the habit of replacing other weighty drinks, like soda, juice or strongly sweetened coffee.

However, lemon adds a flavorful touch to drinks and makes them more palatable. And it contains vitamin C to help burn fat and, like cucumber, can be a mild diuretic that reduces bloating.


Ginger is not only delicious, but can actually help regulate appetite by regulating blood sugar and serum cholesterol. it is when our blood sugar drops that we are hit by the cravings that cause snacking and overeating. By including it in our bedtime smoothie recipe, you are preparing for an honest diet after you wake up.

Ginger is also excellent for suppressing the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to fat storage. This breaks the vicious cycle that leads you to seek out the candy once you feel stressed, and then store all that extra fat around your environment due to the cortisol that made you feel stressed in the first place!