A new fat burning program that can help you have a healthy and balanced body

Daily exercise is better than going to the gym three times per week, according to the University of Texas Medical University – Galveston Branch. We found the best exercise: it doesn’t need expensive and special equipment – just a bottle of water – and it only lasts up to 15 minutes.

 Bottle exercise is simple Рin addition to the fact that it stimulates the inner and outer thighs, the gluteus, abdominal muscles, and lower back, fat layers are thinner and reduce swelling, tighten all leg muscles, and affect the entire body.

How do I exercise

  • You need to take a bottle, put it between your legs on top – just below the crotch.
  • Put your feet in parallel and as close as possible to each other.
  • Squeeze the bottle, using the inner thighs.
  • Then add pelvic movements – tighten the deep stomach muscles, move your back from an arc to a rounded position, then back, and pull the pelvis forward.
  • Perform all movements gradually, without undue intensity and without putting pressure on your knees.